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Hiring Manager Toolkit

We will guide your
Recruitment Journey


Hiring a new employee is an important decision. It takes more than simply matching resumes with accounting skills. Your business has its own unique and defining culture and assessing the personality and cultural fit of prospective employees should be a critical part of your decision, before inviting them to join your team.

We offer a comprehensive collection of hiring advice and recruitment tips ranging from preparing to hire to key interview questions, avoiding common hiring mistakes, to welcoming them to the team.

Everything you've ever needed to know about recruiting the perfect accountant can be found right here so you can find the right candidate for your role vacancy.

  • 1

    How to Write a Job Ad

    The job advertisement is one of the most important elements in the recruitment process. Here are our tips on creating Accounting job adverts that attract top candidates.

  • 2

    Attracting Talent

    Your recruitment strategy will play a big part in the long term success of your team. A well planned out, focussed talent attraction strategy will ensure you are hiring the right people. 

  • 3

    Reviewing Resumes

    Now you've got a selection of CVs to choose from, who should you pick to meet with? Discover our resume screening checklist and other tips... 

  • 4


    How to shortlist the right people and keep them engaged throughout your recruitment process. 

  • 5


    When you conduct an interview, what are the best questions to ask? To get good, accurate answers from a candidate you don’t need a long list of questions. Simply put, it's best to ask...

  • 6

    Reference Checks

    You've found the ideal candidate, but are they really as good as they appear? Hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake for both you and your company, so finding out if a candidate is being a little...

  • 7

    Final Hiring Decision

    You've taken reference checks and now it's time to make your final hiring decision...  

  • 8

    Making a Job Offer

    Putting the right offer forward and ensuring all elements of the offer are tailored to the specific person, is key to securing your new employee...

  • 9

    Employee Onboarding

    You’ve just hired your perfect candidate, but the work doesn’t end there. Read on for our advice on helping your new hire successfully transition into their role.