15-second candidate video snapshots

The CV submission process has been too one-dimensional for too long. With all the capabilities of technology, why aren’t recruiters making this crucial element of the hiring process as engaging as it can be? We decided to stop asking this question and instead provide our answer by developing 'Introducing', our proprietary candidate video snapshot app.  

The tool is helping us to radically improve the recruitment experience for clients, candidates and consultants. This is how and why it works.  

It transforms the candidate's experience

'Introducing' is a simple 15-second video, where the candidate highlights a snapshot of themselves. We accept that few of us are 100% at ease speaking about ourselves on camera, so help is available at all times. Candidates can access a library of example videos to model theirs on and are given prompts on what information they should include based on their circumstances.  

It bridges the gap between profile and person

Fulfilling other day-to-day leadership responsibilities doesn’t leave a lot of time for analysing CVs in great depth and so hiring managers will often take natural, subconscious shortcuts when appraising candidates. Through 'Introducing' we’re able to bring the CV review process to life for our clients, giving them an understanding of the person behind the profile, and turning a dull task into something engaging and valuable.  

It gives our methods another dynamic

Successful recruitment companies understand that collaboration and knowledge sharing is the most effective way to bring the best talent in the market to the attention of our clients. Utilising this tool has taken our cross-pollination initiatives and internal research to a much deeper level, revolutionising the way our consultants discuss and understand the candidates they are working with.  

View an example by clicking on the image below

Richard Lloyd Recruitment introduction video for Jo L