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Losing a chance at your dream job due to a poor interview isn’t a situation anybody wants to be in. When it comes to sought-after jobs in popular industries, competition can be tough, and even the smallest of slip-ups could mean that you fall out of the running in the job interview process. Taking some of these key pieces of advice before stepping into the interview room could help you land your dream job and accelerate your career progression.

Research, research, research

It might sound obvious, but due diligence is crucial to laying the groundwork for success. You’re probably going to be up against some very high-level candidates, so make the assumption that they’re going to be doing just as much research as you – if not more. Don’t miss this opportunity to ensure your own personal, and professional profiles are in top-notch shape.

To impress the employer, find out more than just the contents of the company's ‘About Us’ page. Make use of any public information you can get your hands on, such as company financials or any press coverage they may have received. Scroll through the company's social media feeds and read former employee testimonials on review websites. This type of thorough research provides the hiring manager with the understanding that you are a viable candidate who goes the extra mile.

Educate yourself on the current goings-on in their industry and the state of their competitors and prepare to wow the interviewer with your knowledge. Work some of the facts into your answers or questions to show your initiative and knowledge. It’s also a good idea to do some background work on the interviewer. Visit their LinkedIn page to get an insight into who they are and what their experience is. This can further help to formulate your answers.

Prepare yourself

Ensure you know where, when and who you’re meeting for the job interview. If you’re in a big city like Sydney, then ensure you know the public transport routes you need to take and give yourself enough time to arrive 10-15 minutes early. Once you get there, the real work starts. Although you never know exactly what’s going to happen in the interview room, preparing yourself for the job interview questions is a good first step. Rehearse the ones you know will be asked by recording yourself answering them, and review this before the interview. Think about how you sounded and whether you got the message across clearly.

Making a good first impression is critical, as interviewers will often make up their minds about a candidate within the first 5-10 seconds, for better or worse. Prepare yourself for this by having positive language, giving a firm handshake, and maintaining strong eye contact.


You don’t want to look back on the interview for your dream job and kick yourself, so assess yourself honestly the night before, think about your answers, and be relaxed and prepared. Keep these tips in mind and they should help you along the way.

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