All Accounting recruitment agencies are not the same!

  • 31-08-21
  • Richard Lloyd Recruitment

​If you google “Accounting Recruitment Sydney” your search will return a long list of all the accounting recruitment agencies that have been lucky enough to be shown on the first of what may be many pages. There are many options for you to choose from, but how do you choose the right Recruiter for your next finance team hire?​

Accurate representation

Before pressing the ‘go button’ with your chosen Recruiter, ensure you are confident that they truly ‘get’ you, your culture, and the role you are seeking to fill. You should be able to gauge this easily by the questions they ask you and the preparation they have done (for you and your business) prior to your meeting/discussion. One of the most important aspects of the hiring process is to ensure that your job and company are represented accurately to all potential employees. The last thing you want is for your new employee to arrive on day one, faced with job duties not detailed throughout the process, and a culture that appears nothing like the one that has been described to them. There shouldn’t be any surprises!​

Long term partnership

When you are choosing a finance staffing agency, you are looking for someone who isn’t just going to find you a candidate, and then disappear. Equally, it can be difficult if an agency has a revolving door when it comes to its Consultants. Like any relationship, business partnerships take time to build and that’s no different in recruitment.

As a business, we have found that as our relationships evolve over time, it becomes easier to understand the culture, the dynamics, and the challenges and to appreciate who would work well with whom in the team. We have also found that building up long-term recruiter/client partnerships facilitates future recruitment as both parties understand each other, thereby saving a lot of time it normally takes at the beginning of any collaboration. You can easily assess this by uncovering what they ‘have done’ for other clients (i.e. success stories), rather than them telling you all about what they ‘can do’ for you.​

Demonstrable market knowledge

It’s important that the accounting job agency you choose can give you accurate insights into the state of the job market at any point in time. They should be your eyes and ears and can give you up-to-date feedback regarding what candidates are looking for, what type of people are available, and what you need to do to attract them. You should easily be able to assess how knowledgeable the Recruiter is by asking specific questions about the talent pool of candidates you are seeking and what they would advise you to do to attract them.​

Design a strategy

Top accounting recruiters will help you draw up a hiring strategy. Often, some time may have passed since you had to hire your last Accountant and we have seen conditions and processes change many times over the years. Candidates’ preferences and priorities change quickly, and a top recruiter will help you design a well-thought-out plan to secure the right talent at the right salary for your team. Ask your Recruiter how they advise approaching your search. A talented Consultant should be able to provide some thought-provoking opinions and options.


Selecting a Recruiter to hire your next finance professional can be very subjective, but don’t let that be your only tool to make your decision. Assess the Recruiter based on the questions they ask you, the market knowledge they demonstrate that resonates with the position and your company, relevant past successes, and their ability to think creatively to devise a plan that will find you the right talent.

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