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How to Write a Resume

how to write your cv

As the saying goes, there are no second chances at a first impression, and this is why investing the time into writing an effective resume is so important. A well put-together CV can be the difference between being considered for a role and being left to the side.

While writing your CV, you want the message you send to be strong and clear, whilst remaining in the proper CV format. To do this, it’s essential to take on the perspective of the potential employer when applying for roles; tailoring your CV to suit the position for which you’re applying, and highlighting those accomplishments that relate to the role, is crucial in displaying your feasibility.

As Sydney’s leading Accounting recruiter, we’ve put together some CV examples and CV templates that will help guide you in writing a CV for an accounting role, and showing you what your resume needs to land you on top of the right pile.

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How to Write an Accounting CV

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