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Based on the findings of our Future of Work survey, the fourth annual Richard Lloyd Sydney Accounting Market Report paints a picture of the current state of the Sydney Accounting industry.  

Much of the report reflects on the experience of Accountants during COVID-19 and explores critical factors that shed new light on the story, taking an in-depth look at the reaction to, and efficacy of, innovative remote working arrangements and how employers have handled this massive shift.

Our report examines the uncharted territory that lies ahead: what the industry wants to see emerge as the “new normal” after the dust settles and COVID-19 risks are reduced in Australia.

In our Sydney Accounting Market Report 2021 you will find insights into:

  • Current trends in flexible and remote working

  • Trust and productivity during COVID-19

  • Level of skill and salary growth in the past 12 months

  • Employee satisfaction and retention throughout the pandemic

​Compare this report to our 2020 Salary and Market Report, here

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