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Permanent Recruitment


Hiring decisions have a long-term impact on your business. Our team of professional recruiters will connect you with the right person for your accounting team, the first time. Your team will thank you and your new employee will thank you, too.

From experience, we know that each business we represent has unique requirements. With our deep understanding of Sydney’s accounting market, gained over 115 years of combined recruitment experience, we will readily tailor a solution that is best suited for your specific recruitment needs.

Consider us as your personal guide, supporting you through each stage of the recruitment process, offering advice on everything from applicant selection to salary and hiring trends. Our Complete Hiring Toolkit is great for first time hiring managers and if your interviewing skills are a little rusty, we can help you with that too.

Our supportive services continue beyond your role being filled. For the first six months, we’ll check-in regularly, with both you and your new employee, to ensure that you are both happy.