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Interview Training


Take advantage of our recruitment expertise

Interviews are a great opportunity to get to know potential employees for your accounting team. Hiring the right person usually boils down to knowing which questions to ask prospective employees. In those initial brief meetings, you need to determine whether the applicants you are seeing have the accounting skills and competencies to do the job well. 


It is also important to ascertain whether their personality attributes will fit your organisation’s culture. The consequences of a bad hiring decision are long lasting, so it is important that you use your interview time effectively.

Richard Lloyd design interview training sessions to your specific needs. Starting with a review of your current interview questions and style, we will determine what else you should be asking potential employees and also role-play a variety of interview scenarios. Our goal is to leave you feeling more confident with your interviewing ability, enabling you to make great hiring decisions.

Whether you are a first-time hiring manager or a team requiring assistance, we will tailor a solution specific to your needs. 

For more information about hiring, please refer to our Hiring Manager Toolkit.

To learn about questions you should ask in an interview, please read Key Interview Questions for an Interviewer to Ask.