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Chené Rosser

Chené Rosser

Chené Rosser

Recruitment Partner

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Pretoria, South Africa  

About Recruitment 

I love working in recruitment as it connects me to people from all over the world. Not only am I thankful to meet with them but also for the fact that I can assist them at an important time in their life. I value this and it’s a privilege to be a part of people's career journey.  

What makes being a part of Richard Lloyd unique? 

Being part of a relationship-driven team that gets its motivation from helping people whether it is finding them a new job, interview tips, market updates or generally building lasting relationships.

Working with a bunch of people that are truly relationship focused is something that really resonates with me. Most of the team have worked together for a long time and coming to work feels more like I am with friends than just colleagues. I think I am lucky to feel this way given how many people we meet as job seekers who strive to find this type of culture.

Everyone treats their job seriously, professionally, and is friendly with it. Equally, top to bottom, everyone participates in our, let’s call it ‘unique events’ such as dress-up days, occasional karaoke (to name just a couple) as well as sharing a love for chocolate.

Why did you choose accountancy recruitment?

To be honest I feel it chose me. It just sort of happened! I actually came to Richard Lloyd after being referred to them as a candidate back in 2016. To cut a long story short, I ended up working in the Support team for a year or so where I had exposure to assisting with the accounting operations and learned a lot about how the recruitment world worked.

An opportunity came up internally to transition into a Recruitment role whereby my focus was solely on helping job seekers with their job search and careers which I thoroughly enjoyed. My current role has brought together my knowledge and experience to assist Hiring Managers with their recruitment and candidates seeking ‘new homes’ in the payroll space.

What is especially important to you when it comes to client relationships?

I don’t necessarily differentiate between clients (those looking to hire staff) and candidates (job seekers) – my job satisfaction comes from getting to know people and finding out about them (both personally and professionally), what excites and motivates them in their life.

I think this comes from the fact that by the age of 16, I had lived in South Africa, Holland, and Australia which gave me a natural curiosity to find out about other people and build new friendships. Working out what I can do to enhance this is something I take great satisfaction from. I am also a people person and naturally love chatting, helping others, and finding out about people. Trust is something that needs to be earned and I work hard to gain this every day by providing a good experience to everyone I deal with. This is very important to me.


“I cannot thank Chené Van Der Kooy enough for the continuous support and efficiency of helping me find work in a short period of time. She is happy to help and assist in any way needed. I would not hesitate to recommend Richard Lloyd Recruitment and Chené to anyone. Thanks Chené and your team, appreciate everything.”

Ha Nong, Accountant

Interests outside of work 

Outside of work I generally enjoy going to the beach, playing indoor soccer, and spending time with friends and family. Currently, most of my free time is dedicated to house renovations - Watch out “The Block” - here I come!!

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