The significance of diversity

  • 31-12-18
  • David Landau

The importance of diversity has been a popular topic for a couple of decades now and there’s certainly no shortage of articles and resources focussed on the matter. Whilst there are plenty of organisations that have it ingrained into their strategy, diversity should be more than just a box-checking exercise – it should be a mindset that permeates through every touchpoint of a business.


With growing evidence that diverse teams, in all parts of the business, are more productive, more innovative and more engaged, the benefits are hard to ignore. Building a varied workforce gives businesses access to a wider range of ideas and perspectives, helps team members to feel more valued and included, and creates a space for trying new things. Recent research has highlighted the importance of diversity in the workplace, recognising it as the biggest game-changer in recruitment at present. Sydney Accounting professionals are extremely multicultural and organisations embracing diversity, can strengthen their business culture, leading to well-rounded teams with different viewpoints.


For businesses wanting to maximise the rewards of a diverse workforce, it’s essential to begin the transformation internally before looking at hiring practices. There’s no point trying to attract diverse accounting talent if your culture doesn’t embrace diversity in the first place, so taking a hard look at your business from the inside is a critical first step.

Some key ways that companies can support a culture of diversity include:

  • Fostering an environment that respects differing opinions – after all, you want people to be comfortable expressing their viewpoints freely, and appropriately in the workplace!
  • Encouraging people to be themselves at work – whilst professionalism is important, people that feel comfortable being themselves are more likely to be happier and as a result, more productive
  • Embedding values from the top – once the leadership team has set the tone, it’s much easier to project that attitude throughout the rest of the business
  • Empowering employees to tell their stories – this starts by getting to know colleagues on a more personal level
  • Promoting inclusion and change through Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) – by providing a safe and supportive environment for members to voice their opinions


Establishing diverse attitudes among those at the top of the hierarchy is the most effective route to flow through to the rest of the company. Don’t have a ‘diversity’ strategy – think of it as a mindset instead. Start small to effect change and then weave it into everything your company does. The executive tone is key, as true cultural change unfolds from the top down. While diversity used to be HR-owned, CEOs now play a central role in championing the issue, integrating it into their company missions and diversifying their own C-Suites. It’s important not to invest without buy-in from the top, as you won’t go far if your leaders aren’t sold on its value.


Diversity in any business can be a complex issue that is affected by every area of an organisation. There’s no easy shortcut to achieving it, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s a trend that will continue to become more prominent in forward-looking businesses all over the world. If you’re looking for more advice on hiring with diversity in mind or are in the market for a new Accounting job in Sydney, get in touch with us today.