Tips to create a high-performing team

  • 01-06-19
  • David Landau

In early May, we hosted another successful Richard Lloyd Business Seminar, “Unleash Your Leadership Influencing Skills to Enhance a High-Performance Culture”, with almost 150 Accounting professionals from across Sydney joining us for the breakfast event. In our first seminar of 2019, we welcomed back Dr Denis Cauvier (for the fourth time), who was on hand to explore the intrinsic makeup of what makes a great leader, how to create a high-performance team, and the challenges facing leaders on a day-to-day basis. If you didn’t make it on the day, here are some key takeaways!​

Unique characteristics and key qualities of an effective leaderEffective ways to gain more influence in the workplace

The impact of change

Dr. Cauvier highlighted a Right Management study of 28,810 employees (across 10 industries in 15 countries), which produced some interesting results regarding change and transformation projects. Within top-performing companies, 60% of employees indicated that change is implemented well. Compare this to below-average performing organisations, where only 15% of respondents suggested that change was well implemented. On top of this, it was uncovered that organisations that don’t change were four times more likely to lose top talent.

Quotes to remember

Debriefing after the seminar, some of Dr. Cauvier’s words really struck a chord with our team, as well as attendees on the morning. Here are some of their favourites:

  • “Self-leadership is the ability to influence yourself to achieve your objectives regardless of what life throws at you”
  • “Criticise privately, praise publicly”
  • “Everyone should be a leader, even if it’s just a self-leader”
  • “Ask what motivates people. They will appreciate it that you asked. Care enough to ask.”
  • “Millennials are a generation that craves feedback – and that goes for most people.”
  • “A leader without followers is just taking a walk.”

Thank you to Dr. Cauvier, and everyone who attended, for helping to produce another successful Richard Lloyd seminar! We have a number of others already in planning, so be sure to keep an eye out for your chance to be a part of future Richard Lloyd seminars. 

About Dr. Denis Cauvier

Dr Denis Cauvier has worked with over one million people in 50+ countries across the globe and is the bestselling author of 14 books. He is frequently consulted by the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and is a recipient of the ‘Consummate Speaker of the Year’ award – an honour he shares with the former British Prime Minister, Lady Margaret Thatcher.

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