An Accounting qualification will allow more career options

  • 15-06-21
  • Richard Lloyd Recruitment

Regardless of what type of accounting you end up focusing on, having the right accounting qualification can help separate you from the rest of the field. Typically, you are more likely to reach levels that are unattainable to those without it and reap the monetary and professional benefits that come with it.

In short, getting your accounting qualification is well worth the time and effort. It may not feel like it during the late-night study sessions or when you're prepping for your exams, but in the long run, you’ll be glad you did it.

Here are three main benefits of having an accounting qualification:

1.   Provides you with worldwide recognition

Passing your accounting CA or CPA exam is unbiased proof of your expertise and overall talent. They are recognisable the world over and will likely provide the means necessary to be considered by a reputable company or industry. They also allow you to reach the next level of your career. If you have your accounting qualification and have an opportunity for promotion or are thinking of a new role, then you’ll likely have an advantage over other candidates without it.

Having an accounting qualification provides a certain level of prestige and respect that also creates greater access to higher-paying jobs. The bump in salary adds up over the years and will more than make up for the time, money, and effort spent to get your accounting qualification in the first place.​

2.   Positions you as a serious contender

While committing to undertake an accounting qualification may give you sleepless nights as it is all-encompassing, it proves to an employer and yourself that you want a career in the accounting profession long term.

Taking the time to pursue a professional qualification can also provide you with a wealth of networking opportunities. You never know if the people you meet could help get your foot in the door at a top-tier firm or your ideal company.​

3.   Enhances your technical expertise

Making more money, earning prestige, and making lifelong connections are all great reasons to get your accounting qualification but there’s more to it than that. You will gain a solid foundation in the more technical, accounting principles that help you keep up with industry trends and rise to the occasion when needed.

Organisations are looking for accounting professionals that add value to their operations — people who take their profession seriously and will handle setbacks and problems with ease. Having your accounting qualification means you’re organised, proficient, and have a track record of finishing what you start. Those are admirable qualities in the world of accounting.

Taking your accounting career to the next level by passing your accounting qualification exam has plenty of benefits. If job security, better pay, and a more desirable position are important to you, and you're serious about accounting, it's a worthwhile investment.

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