Kieren Johnson


Kieren Johnson

Recruitment Partner

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About Recruitment 

I find working in recruitment hugely rewarding. My job focuses on working with people all day every day which is something I particularly enjoy. Having the ability to proactively make a difference to peoples careers is something that gets me excited going to work each day. Hearing peoples reaction when I tell them they’ve got a job offer for a role they’re passionate about.... it’s a great feeling.  

Originally From 

Originally from Sydney and live on the Northern Beaches 

Interests outside of work 

I spend most of my time outside of work in the water enjoying all that Sydney has to offer. Whether it is surfing on the Northern Beaches, spearfishing further up the coast or playing water polo to maintain fitness, I generally manage to squeeze three or four sessions in per week. 

Client Testimonial 

"Richard Lloyd is a professional recruitment company, as it's client I feel like I am being take care of. My agent Kieren Johnson helped me to find the job that I love in only 2 weeks time, he is definitely passionate about his job and he is very patient. I want to take this opportunity to thank Richard Lloyd and Kieren with their hard work, very much appreciated it!"